Bruno Le Maire’s accusations against cryptocurrencies

First, we asked Axel Simon about the latest accusations made by Bruno Le Maire , Minister of the Economy in France. Recently, Bruno Le Maire has indeed committed to fight against the financing of Islamist terrorism via cryptocurrencies. According to him, terrorists use cryptoassets like Bitcoin to finance their activities.

Bruno Le Maire accuses cryptocurrencies of financing terrorism, while the crypto sector is already highly regulated. Is this an excuse to impose new restrictions?

I had not seen this ad, nor do I follow the news closely. Already, to be clear enough, La Quadrature does not have a determined and clear-cut position on cryptocurrencies and on blockchain issues in general. We are interested, but we don’t really have an overall position. We haven’t really taken an interest in it yet as a collective.

But yes, indeed, the entry points of many cryptocurrencies are still well regulated at the present time with everything that is against money laundering in particular. After that, the concrete operation of the majority of cryptocurrencies is that the traces of almost everything that is done are kept, except on a minority of cryptocurrencies which are not the most popular to my knowledge. So I find that this is an advertisement which is not very interesting. I mean, we know that organized crime does not usually go through cryptocurrency to finance itself . There are more pressing questions about tax havens and even the big banks that turn a blind eye when similar things happen., not necessarily on terrorism, but on crime in general. It is not very relevant.

The digital yuan and Chinese social credit digital yuan

Then we brought up the subject of the digital yuan and Chinese social credit. Indeed, China is currently testing a central bank digital currency in several cities in its territory. Coupled with social credit and a blockchain centralizing all information concerning citizens , this crypto-yuan represents a danger to privacy and freedom.

What does the use of blockchain as a tool for mass surveillance in China inspire you, with in particular the appearance of Chinese social credit and the digital yuan?

I don’t see the connection with blockchains because a blockchain is always a system that works on decentralization, that’s the only sense in which it’s useful. When it’s a single entity and organization, the Chinese government, that can force everyone to use a single system, it doesn’t matter if it’s a blockchain underneath. Whether it is a blockchain or a centralized database, it comes down to the same thing because we have a single actor who controls the information, access to information or writes information, and beyond that who controls whether the population is forced to use the system. In fact, the blockchain part in there is secondary, the real question is completely political, it is outside of what is generally linked to blockchains. Technically, if it’s a blockchain below, why not, but the problem is not at all on this technical aspect,

Finally, a centralized blockchain is not a real blockchain?

Yes, that’s it. The whole point of a blockchain is to have several nodes that belong to different entities so that they can together keep a vision of reality, and of the truth with a small v. And thus avoid that only one of the entities of the group can make lie the archives in large, in a way too easy or invisible. And there, it is totally under the control of the Chinese government, therefore of the same organization … it has no technical interest.

Do you think that a system like Chinese social credit could be implemented elsewhere in the world, including in Europe?

Good question ! I think people would care a lot about it, but you can also get people to do a lot of things with the right incentives, giving people benefits for example, but not in the same way. We are already seeing bits and pieces of this system: there are a lot of people who use loyalty cards in stores. It serves to encourage them to come back and therefore to change their behavior. It is always slight changes in Western countries rather than profound changes, that would be too visible. And these bits and pieces are called to progress because people don’t think too much about it. But it will probably not be managed by a central authority that controls and sees everything. Rather, they will be intertwining of the economic interests of different companies. But there will be similar things.

KP3R, Andre Cronje’s new token, gains 2000% in a few hours

Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje’s latest token offering has increased dramatically within hours of launch

A token recently launched by Andre Cronje, the founder of Yearn Finance, has skyrocketed just hours after its presentation, thanks to the accumulation of yield farmers.

The new token, called KP3R, is used in Cronje’s latest project, Keep3r Network, a decentralized platform for technical job advertisements in the gig economy, based on smart contract.

A few hours after the token launch, traders and „degen“ farmers started buying large quantities, causing a sharp rise in prices to close to $180. According to data from, in the twelve hours following the launch of the token, the token rose again considerably, reaching the $350 level.

Trading on Uniswap started at $10 per token, but the incredible momentum immediately catapulted the price upwards, recording a 2000% increase in a few hours. According to Coingecko, the new token has already reached a market capitalization of $64 million.

At the time of writing, the KP3R token is around $320, a monumental gain since its launch, but potential investors should bear in mind that this is a highly speculative bet that could result in a collapse, as has happened with many other token launches this year.

The move has been commented on by several members of the crypto community, including Ethhub founder Anthony Sassano.

Some have suggested that a quick release would make Cronje a huge profit, but the developer has repeatedly stated that his intentions are more constructive, explaining in the past:

„I don’t build for speculators, I build for developers. My BitQT scam central goal is to create tools, so that other developers can easily use/integrate models I design and create products using them“.
With the launch of the Keep3r Network v1 smart contracts, the project went online. It is designed to connect crypto projects with technical experts. The concept involves „Keepers,“ i.e. external people and/or teams performing a job, and „Jobs“, a term used to refer to smart contracts configured with the aim of convincing an external entity to perform an action.

The network will be based on the new KP3R tokens, issued as rewards for completing the job.

The project was developed virtually covertly to prevent a repeat of the Eminence fiasco, which caused $15 million in losses. In the incident, yield farmers prematurely poured capital into EMN’s experimental contracts, which were subsequently hacked.

Stablecoins indicate positive market sentiment

CryptoQuant deduces from an increased influx of stickcoins that private investors are investing more again.

In the days leading up to Bitcoin’s recent boom, stablecoins showed unusually high activity

As a reminder: Stablecoins are crypto currencies that achieve their eponymous (value) stability by being linked to an external asset, such as gold or the US dollar. In the crypto markets, stablecoins are often used to buy other cryptocurrencies.

On October 18, shortly before Bitcoin was able to make a big leap upwards, the inflow of stablecoins on crypto exchanges initially reached a record high of 56,000, before it was even improved to 60,000, as the data from CryptoQuant show. The crypto market researchers looked at the stablecoins USDT on Ethereum, PAX, USDC, TUSD, DAI, SAI, BUSD, HUSD and USDK.

As CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju explained to Cointelegraph, the inflow was unusually high, but the equivalent in US dollars was not outside the norm. Nonetheless, the expert sees this as a sign that investors are currently positive:

„The fact that private investors are currently investing more means that the market situation is turning for the better.“

According to Ju, the high number of wallet addresses and transactions used indicates that the influx of stablecoins comes from many private investors and not from a few large investors. The logic behind his argument is that private investors are moving their stablecoins to crypto exchanges in order to be able to buy Bitcoin with them. From this he in turn derives the good market situation.

Stablecoin publisher Tether also „minted“ 450 million USDT on Tron’s blockchain ( TRX ) yesterday. As CTO Paolo Ardoino explains , the amount was initially only approved, but not yet put into circulation:

“Announcement: USDT 300 million was minted on the Tron network. This transaction is approved but not yet settled, which means that this amount will not go into circulation until the next cycle. „

O operador BitMEX contrata o diretor de conformidade em meio a acusações criminais nos EUA

A contratação vem depois que os fundadores da BitMEX foram acusados de não impedir a lavagem de dinheiro e de operar ilegalmente uma plataforma de comércio não registrada nos Estados Unidos.

O operador da bolsa de derivativos criptográficos BitMEX, 100x Group, contratou um experiente especialista em Anti-Lavagem de Dinheiro (AML), Malcolm Wright, como seu principal responsável pela conformidade.

Em um anúncio em 12 de outubro, o 100x enfatizou o perfil de Wright como o atual presidente do Conselho Consultivo e do Grupo de Trabalho AML na Global Digital Finance, e como palestrante cobrindo tópicos-chave que incluem as Recomendações da Força-Tarefa de Ação Financeira para Provedores de Serviços de Ativos Virtuais.

Na semana passada, o Grupo 100X havia remodelado sua liderança superior, retirando os co-fundadores da Bitcoin Up un BitMEX Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed e Ben Delo das funções executivas. Hayes, Reed e Delo foram todos acusados em uma ação civil de aplicação da Comissão de Negociação de Futuros de Commodities dos Estados Unidos por operar uma plataforma de negociação não registrada nos EUA e violar os regulamentos da AML.

O Departamento de Justiça, em paralelo, apresentou acusações criminais contra os co-fundadores, bem como contra seu colega, Geoff Dwyer, que posteriormente tirou uma licença de seu papel de chefe de desenvolvimento de negócios.

Sem referência explícita às recentes acusações, o 100x Group disse oficialmente que „a nomeação de Malcolm é um marco notável para nós à medida que avançamos para a conclusão de nosso Programa de Verificação de Usuários e melhoramos ainda mais nossa função de conformidade“.

O perfil LinkedIn de Wright indica que ele passou quase dois anos e meio na Global Finance, em paralelo às suas funções como membro do conselho consultivo do Passaporte Comercial KYC com sede em Londres e como membro associado do Royal United Services Institute, que contribui para os debates políticos sobre crimes financeiros. Ele também é o fundador da consultoria de Conformidade de Crimes Financeiros e um ex-Chefe de Conformidade da Diginex e EQUOS.

O Grupo 100x enfrenta um grande desafio para reabilitar a imagem do intercâmbio. Comentadores alegam que as acusações contra a equipe BitMEX lançaram sua sombra sobre a indústria mais ampla e poderiam desencadear uma reação regulatória contra o espaço criptográfico.

The status quo of cannabis currencies

Cannabis is a narcotic drug made from the plant of the same name. It’s legalized in some countries and some states in the United States. Bitcoin is a way in the cannabis industry to make secure and anonymous payments. However, there are also many cannabis cryptocoins that can be used to buy cannabis with the value of a coin. Such alt-coins have cannabis as a reserve, so they can be used not only as bitcoin for cannabis but also for other goods. A look at the history of five cannabis tokens: what happened to the hype?

A guest contribution by Reiner Schmidt: Today retired, artist and hobby astrologer, the trained banker, old hippie, globetrotter and long-time quality manager would like to take a completely different, unfamiliar look at crypto, blockchain and the new era.

Cannabis and cryptocurrencies

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The cannabis and cryptocurrency sectors have both seen a tremendous boom and slumped in recent years. It’s no secret that the marijuana industry has been hampered over the years. A major problem with this is the relative reluctance of financial institutions to do business with cannabis traffickers.

However, new cryptocurrencies may finally allow the cannabis industry to reach their true financial levels. And, of course, the cryptocurrency would also benefit massively from „cooperation“. After all, the cannabis market would offer an incredibly reliable and steady stream of customers.

Savvy companies have seen this for some time and created digital currencies specifically for the „weed market“.

Five crypto cannabis coins have already attracted a lot of attention in the past. However, the crypto space is incredibly volatile, partly because there are hundreds of coins and tokens available. 99 percent of them will probably fail. Whether the above-mentioned „grass coins“ belong to it?

PotCoin (POT)

Introduced in January 2014, this cannabis coin is one of the longest running. There are currently 420 million PotCoins in circulation. However, the currency started off relatively slowly. After hitting $ 1 million in market cap in April 2014, it fell to $ 244,000 in a month.

Many experts at the time believed that PotCoin would hit $ 0.45 by the end of 2018 and $ 0.60 by the end of 2022. As of December 2018, it was only worth $ 0.012. While Bitcoin and other major digital currencies rallied, PotCoin never did. It remains stuck at $ 0.0109, with a brief outlier to $ 0.027 in April 2019.

CannabisCoin (CANN)

CannabisCoin came just a few months after PotCoin. He had a similar goal: to simplify transactions for medical marijuana dispensaries. It has been suggested to provide a super easy exchange ratio of cryptocurrency to actual marijuana. For example, for certain types of medical marijuana and cannabis preparations, you can exchange CANN at the rate of 1 token to 1 gram.

Like other crypto cannabis coins at the time, CANN benefited from legalizing marijuana in California. Most experts didn’t see it trading well above $ 0.30 by the end of 2018. They forecast a value of around 0.37 US dollars for 2022 – and were completely wrong.

CannabisCoin fell over 90 percent to just $ 0.03 in March 2018. Within 12 months, its value was only $ 0.005. He looked doomed but has recovered slightly in the meantime. Today one CannabisCoin is worth 0.011 US dollars, which is practically the level of PotCoin. There are 106 million tokens in circulation.

Salausmarkkinat syövät 10 miljardia dollaria, kun Trump lopettaa pandemian helpottelut

Maailmanlaajuiset osakemarkkinat ja kryptovaluuttamarkkinat ovat kääntyneet voimakkaaseen taantumaan sen jälkeen, kun Yhdysvaltain presidentti Donald Trump lopetti koronaviruksen torjuntatoimet.

Huolimatta erittäin nopeasta toipumisesta viruksesta, joka on ottanut yli 210 000 amerikkalaista ihmistä, presidentti Donald Trump lopetti äkillisesti neuvottelut puhemies Nancy Pelosin ja demokraattisten johtajien kanssa uusista taloudellisista avustuspaketeista.

Kaikki kolme Yhdysvaltojen suurinta osakeindeksiä menettivät vakaat voitot edellisestä päivästä ja putosivat negatiiviselle alueelle ilmoituksen jälkeen , ja salausvarojen markkinat seurasivat esimerkkiä, mikä osoittaa, että ne ovat korreloineet osakkeiden ja vähemmän kultaan viime kuukausina.

10 miljardin dollarin markkinakorko

Kokonaismarkkina-arvo on laskenut noin 10 miljardia dollaria viimeisten 24 tunnin aikana. Muutos vei markkinat alas 335 miljardista dollarista hieman alle 325 miljardiin dollariin.

Kuukausittain he ovat kuitenkin edelleen vaihteluväliin sidotun kauppakanavan sisällä, eivätkä he ole vielä laskeneet noin 310 miljardin dollarin kuukausitasoon.

Bitcoin Trader johti vetäytymistä tavalliseen tapaan 2%: n jyrkällä pudotuksella 10 750 dollarista 10 530 dollariin vain muutaman tunnin aikana. Sittemmin salauksen kuningas on toipunut hieman kauppaa varten 10 600 dollarilla.

Piilotetut laskevat erot päivittäisessä aikataulussa.

100MA toimi tähän mennessä kunnollisena tukena. Mutta sitä testataan uudestaan ​​ja uudestaan. $ BTC $ BTCUSD #bitcoin

Useat analyytikot ovat havainneet, että Bitcoinin volatiliteetti ja kaupankäyntimäärät ovat tällä hetkellä erittäin pieniä, mikä on yleensä edeltäjä suuremmalle eteenpäin.

Tätä pientä pudotusta ei voida pitää, joten palautus neljään numeroon näyttää todennäköisemmältä lyhyellä aikavälillä.

Muualla salausmarkkinoilla

Kuten tavallista, altcoinit törmäävät kovemmin ja ovat vastuussa suurimmasta osasta kyseisen markkina-arvon menetystä viimeisen päivän aikana.

Ethereum on pudonnut takaisin alimmalle tasolleen melkein kahden viikon ajan 5%: n laskussa hieman alle 335 dollarin, ennen kuin se on palautunut marginaalisesti takaisin 340 dollarin tasolle. Ripplen XRP on menettänyt vastaavan määrän, kun se liukuu takaisin 0,245 dollariin, kun taas Binance Coin on laskenut 27,40 dollariin.

Polkadot ja Chainlink ovat olleet kaksi päivän suurinta häviäjää, laskeneet noin 7% kappaleelta. Ainoastaan ​​EOS on pystynyt ottamaan salakirjoituksen salakahdeksan parhaan joukkoon ja tuottamaan 6%: n voiton uutisesta, että Google Cloud liittyy yhteisöön EOS-verkkolohkojen tuottajaksi.

Institusjoner satser stort på Bitcoin, burde du? Kilde: Unsplash

Bitcoins pris har falt 9% den siste måneden. Den samlede åpne renten på derivatbørsene falt med 24,24%, og tok sin indikasjon på Bitcoins pris på spotbørser.

Institusjoner satser stort på Bitcoin Code, burde du?

Dette prisfallet har avskrekket detaljhandlerne på derivater og spotbørser, men det samme gjelder ikke for institusjonelle investorer. Ødeleggelsen i spot- / derivatmarkedene og det påfølgende prisfallet påvirker ikke helt institusjonelle investorers sentiment. Dette er relevant for detaljhandlere fordi institusjonelle eiendeler under forvaltning utgjør en stor del av børsens handelsvolum eller eiendeler holdt i reserve. Institusjoner gir likviditet og genererer etterspørsel som absorberes av detaljhandlere og andre institusjoner.

Bitcoins prisfall er bare betydelig sammenlignet med finansielle eiendeler i tradisjonelle markeder. For en investor som sammenligner det nylige Bitcoin-prisfallet med andre i markedssyklusen, er ikke et fall på 9% på 30 dager i det hele tatt betydelig. Prisfall er ikke akkurat barometeret for en eiendels helse eller dens posisjon i markedssyklusen. Dette gjelder spesielt for Bitcoin.

Institusjonelle investorer som Microstrategy har slik innsikt, og de undersøker Bitcoins ytelse under en annen linse. Den globale opprydding av eiendeler har oppmuntret dem til å utforske Bitcoin som hovedfordel for deres egenkapitalreserve. Microstrategy, et forretningsinformasjonsfirma til en verdi av $ 1,5 milliarder dollar, sitter på en haug på 38,2 000 BTC, kjøpt nylig 15. september 2020.

Institusjoner satser stort på Bitcoin, burde du?

Michael Saylor, administrerende direktør i MicroStrategy kunngjorde dette kjøpet på twitter. Selv om dette bare er en forekomst av institusjonell interesse, er det mange andre som kjøper på børser som CME.

På CME økte åpen interesse for Bitcoin Futures med 21% på en uke.

Institusjoner satser stort på Bitcoin, burde du?

CME henvender seg til institusjonelle investorer siden lanseringen, og denne økningen i åpen interesse kan tilskrives topp institusjonelle investorer på børsen. Det samlede daglige Bitcoin-futurevolumet over derivatinstrumenter er blant annet opp 46% på Deribit.

Institusjoner satser stort på Bitcoin, burde du?

Detaljistinvestorer kan ha tatt et signal fra institusjonelle investorer denne uken. Da handelsvolumet økte på derivatbørsene, var tilstrømningen av Bitcoin til spotbørs nesten på samme nivå. Det er ingen signifikant endring i antall nye kjøpere eller etterspørsel på spotbørs.

Institusjonell interesse for Bitcoin kan være basert på Bitcoin-markedssyklusen. Fire måneder etter halvering er et viktig trinn i syklusens akkumuleringsfase. Bitcoins markedsverdi er opp 8,4% i løpet av året, og institusjoner kan fortsette å kjøpe de neste månedene, ettersom markedet gir seg for fortjeneste i neste fase.

Steve Wozniak poursuit YouTube pour des escroqueries Bitcoin en cours

Steve Wozniak poursuit YouTube pour avoir autorisé des escrocs à utiliser son nom et sa ressemblance dans de faux cadeaux Crypto Trader.

Selon le procès , déposé devant la Cour supérieure de l’État de Californie, des escrocs ont publié des vidéos sur la plateforme affirmant que Wozniak héberge une promotion Bitcoin.

Ils convainquent les utilisateurs que s’ils envoient des bitcoins à une adresse fournie, «Wozniak» renverra le double du montant

„YouTube a présenté un flux constant de vidéos et de promotions d’escroquerie qui utilisent à tort des images et des vidéos du demandeur Steve Wozniak et d’autres entrepreneurs technologiques célèbres, et qui ont fraudé les utilisateurs de YouTube de millions de dollars“, indique la plainte.

Le procès comprend des captures d’écran de vidéos annonçant des cadeaux «5 000 BTC» et «10 000 BTC» de Wozniak, qui incluent des images du co-fondateur d’Apple. Il semble y avoir des vidéos utilisant la ressemblance d’autres leaders technologiques, notamment Elon Musk, Bill Gates et le gourou de l’auto-assistance financière Robert Kiyosaki.

Les plaignants, qui incluent Wozniak et 17 autres personnes, affirment que YouTube est au courant de ces escroqueries, mais n’a néanmoins pas retiré les vidéos

«Malgré les demandes répétées des plaignants et des légions d’autres utilisateurs pour que YouTube prenne des mesures en temps opportun pour mettre fin à cette escroquerie de don de bitcoin, YouTube a retardé ou refusé à plusieurs reprises de le faire», lit-on dans le procès. „En raison des manquements flagrants des accusés à agir et de la faute affirmative dans la promotion de cette entreprise criminelle, le demandeur Wozniak a subi et continue de subir un préjudice irréparable à sa réputation, et les utilisateurs de YouTube, y compris les plaignants, ont été escroqués sur des millions de dollars. Entre autres, les plaignants sollicitent une ordonnance obligeant YouTube à mettre définitivement fin à sa pratique scandaleuse d’hébergement, de promotion et de profit de ces vidéos et promotions criminellement frauduleuses. »

« Nous prenons au sérieux les abus de notre plate-forme et agissons rapidement lorsque nous détectons des violations de nos politiques, telles que des escroqueries ou une usurpation d’identité», a déclaré un porte-parole de YouTube dans un communiqué à The Verge.

Les «cadeaux» frauduleux sont depuis longtemps une caractéristique du monde du bitcoin, mais ils attirent davantage l’attention après un piratage à l’échelle du réseau sur Twitter qui a exploité l’accès au compte pour effectuer l’arnaque à grande échelle. La semaine dernière , des pirates ont accédé aux comptes d’un certain nombre d’utilisateurs de haut niveau, dont Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Kanye West et Michael Bloomberg. Les pirates ont utilisé les comptes piratés pour annoncer des cadeaux frauduleux, affirmant que les utilisateurs qui ont envoyé des bitcoins à une adresse fournie recevraient le double du montant en retour. L’escroquerie aurait rapporté à ses créateurs près de 120 000 dollars. (L’arnaque Youtube, tout en ciblant également les propriétaires de Bitcoin, ne semble pas impliquer d’informations de compte compromises.)

Twitter a reconnu cette situation environ une heure après son apparition, en tweetant depuis sa poignée d’assistance: «Nous enquêtons et prenons des mesures pour y remédier.» La société a finalement empêché tous les comptes vérifiés de tweeter pendant qu’elle examinait l’incident, une mesure qui était en place pendant plus de deux heures.

«Nous nous sentons tous terribles que ce soit arrivé», a écrit le PDG de Twitter, Jack Dorsey, plus tard dans la soirée. «Nous diagnostiquons et partagerons tout ce que nous pouvons lorsque nous aurons une compréhension plus complète de ce qui s’est passé exactement.»

Welle von Bitcoin-Bullenläufen zur Zerschlagung

Welle von Bitcoin-Bullenläufen zur Zerschlagung von Krypto-Kritikern

Heute wird Bitcoin im grünen Bereich gehandelt und die wichtigste Münze da draußen wird mit 9.122,64 $ gehandelt.

Es hat sich herausgestellt, dass einer der renommiertesten Historiker der Welt gesagt hat, dass viele Bitcoin Boom- und Bust Zyklen kommen werden und die Kritiker der Königsmünze bei Bitcoin Code am Ende Unrecht haben werden.

Bitcoin Stierrennen sind auf dem Weg

In einem neuen Interview im Unchained-Podcast sagte Niall Ferguson, er glaube, dass sich die BTC zu einem Mainstream-Wertgeschäft entwickeln werde, das dem Gold ähnlich sei.

Er sagte, dass Bitcoin sich letztendlich als Absicherung gegen rücksichtslose Geldpolitik erweisen werde, wie die Online-Publikation Daily Hodl berichtete.

„Das offensichtliche Argument für etwas wie Bitcoin ist, dass man zumindest einen Wertaufbewahrungsschatz schafft. Vielleicht kein besonders effizientes Zahlungsmittel, aber ein Wertaufbewahrungsmittel, auf das man sich verlassen kann, selbst wenn die argentinische Regierung oder die simbabwische Regierung oder die venezolanische Regierung beschließt, die Währung mit einer extrem rücksichtslosen, zeitinkonsistenten Geldpolitik zu zerkratzen“, sagte er.

Er fuhr fort und erklärte: „Der zweite Punkt, der von den Menschen, die ich in der Krypto-Gemeinschaft kenne, im Allgemeinen übersehen wird, ist, dass das Argument, dass Sie das Problem der Inflation laut Bitcoin Code lösen, in der entwickelten Welt viel weniger gut funktioniert.

Er begründete dies damit, dass Länder wie die USA, Japan und die meisten europäischen Länder kein Inflationsproblem mehr haben.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen, den vollständigen Artikel zu lesen, um zu sehen, was er noch zu sagen hatte.
Bitcoin-Signal deutet auf einen Aufwärtstrend hin

Historische Bitcoin-Volatilität (HV) nahe 40$BTC-Volatilität dieses Tiefstwertes hat in der Vergangenheit zu großen Preisbewegungen zwischen 30 % und 60 % in den folgenden Wochen geführt

Ab dem aktuellen Preis:

  • 30% Bewegung nach oben beträgt 12.200 $
  • 30 % der Abwärtsbewegung sind 6.500 $

Legen Sie Ihren Sicherheitsgurt auf

– Josh Rager 📈 (@Josh_Rager) 12. Juli 2020

Erst neulich berichteten wir, dass Krypto-Händler Josh Rager sagt, dass sich die historische Volatilität von Bitcoin einem Tiefpunkt nähere, der zuvor eine gewalttätige Reaktion der Münze signalisiert habe.

Bitcoin zou de volgende grote inflatiehaag kunnen zijn

Bekende beleggers maken zich zorgen over de mogelijkheid van een stijgende inflatie – en ze wenden zich tot cryptocurrency om zich daartegen in te dekken.

Toen het Verenigd Koninkrijk medio juni werd gewaarschuwd door berichten dat de inflatie was gedaald tot een vierjarig dieptepunt, waren high-profile fondsbeheerders daarentegen bezorgd dat de COVID-19 stimulans van regeringen en centrale banken de prijzen uiteindelijk zou opdrijven.

In een recente notitie over de marktvooruitzichten waarschuwde de beroemde hedgefondsbelegger Paul Tudor Jones daarvoor:

„We zijn getuige van de ‚grote monetaire inflatie‘ – een ongekende uitbreiding van elke vorm van geld in tegenstelling tot wat de ontwikkelde wereld ooit heeft gezien. Hoge schulden die door de gelddruk worden geaccommodeerd, zijn moeilijk uit te bannen. Inflatieverwachtingen zouden op een dag kunnen reageren op deze realiteit.“

Crispin Odey, de Londense oprichter van Odey Asset Management, is het er ook mee eens dat inflatie uiteindelijk onvermijdelijk is, gezien het niveau van de stimulans. „Op korte termijn zal het geld worden verdiend met de inflatie weddenschap“, schreef Odey in een recente brief. Met de potentiële inflatie in het verschiet, kijken beleggers uit naar de volgende grote hedge om de activa te beschermen tijdens de ontluikende economische crisis.

Is Bitcoin het nieuwe goud?

Jones heeft besloten om zijn fonds, Tudor Investment Corporation, te investeren in Bitcoin (BTC). „Als ik gedwongen ben te voorspellen, dan is mijn inzet Bitcoin“, aldus Jones in dezelfde brief aan de beleggers. „Bitcoin Revolution doet me denken aan goud toen ik in 1976 voor het eerst in het bedrijf kwam.“

Nadat de Federal Reserve van de Verenigde Staten op 10 juni aangaf dat de rentepercentages in de buurt van 0% zullen blijven tot 2022, zag Bitcoin een kortstondige run voorbij $10.000, met een winst van 1,6% over 24 uur voordat hij terugviel.

Institutionele beleggingsmanagers zijn de laatste jaren steeds meer geïnteresseerd in alles wat met crypto te maken heeft, en hun belangstelling blijft stijgen. Een recent Fidelity rapport toont aan dat in een onderzoek onder bijna 800 institutionele beleggers in de VS en Europa, 45% van de bedrijven in Europa zegt crypto activa te bezitten. Fidelity gaat verder met het verslag:

„Het onderzoek onthulde een hogere penetratie met crypto hedge- en durfkapitaalfondsen, zoals verwacht, maar ook de financiële adviseur, hoog vermogen individuele en family office segmenten.“

De consumenten tonen ook verhoogde tekens van belangstelling, met de Financial Conduct Authority van het Verenigd Koninkrijk die rapporteert dat naar schatting 2,6 miljoen mensen op een bepaald punt crypto activa hebben gekocht, bijna het dubbele van het aantal dat vorig jaar werd gerapporteerd.

Gemakkelijker toegang

Beleggers over de hele linie kunnen profiteren van deze zelfde trends en de voordelen van het afdekken van de inflatie via Bitcoin realiseren. Maar de toegang tot crypto-markten kan soms erg ingewikkeld zijn, waarbij cryptobeurzen de gebruikers aanzienlijke kosten in rekening brengen voor het privilege. Toch is er de afgelopen jaren sprake geweest van een zekere mate van volwassenheid van de crypto-markten. Nu zijn er meer consumentvriendelijke, eenvoudig te gebruiken platforms opgezet, die onmiddellijke en veilige toegang bieden tot crypto tegen de beste prijs. Gebruikers van deze platforms kunnen profiteren door hun geld onmiddellijk en moeiteloos om te wisselen in digitale valuta tegen concurrerende prijzen en hun balansen in realtime te controleren.

Bezit het snelste paard

In deze ongekende tijden, waarin economieën over de hele wereld zich aanpassen aan de aanpak van een pandemie, moeten beleggers over de hele wereld hun posities aanpassen. Het gebruik van Bitcoin om zich in te dekken tegen potentiële inflatie is echter niet alleen in het domein van de Joneses en Odeys van deze wereld. Nieuwe technologieplatforms maken het veel gemakkelijker voor inwoners van het Verenigd Koninkrijk om hun activa op dezelfde manier veilig te stellen door valuta’s te combineren in één rekening, waardoor cryptocurrency’s gemakkelijker beschikbaar komen.

„De beste winstmaximaliserende strategie is om het snelste paard te bezitten,“ zei Jones in zijn „Grote Monetaire Inflatie“ nota. Hij is er duidelijk van overtuigd dat Bitcoin degene is die het moet steunen.